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Survivor, the truth
I Speak

Read the dazzling new novel by Mymie Campbell.

“Despite the turbulent times and the storms she has weathered, Mymie’s spark has never been fully extinguished .” 


When Mymie Campbell was six years old, she found herself in a strange and unfamiliar land, a cold and peculiar place with a new language, culture and customs. 

Her young mind swam with questions, some of which she’d never get a clear answer to.

Within days of arriving in the UK from Nigeria, Mymie learned that adults keep secrets, and sometimes they expect children to keep them too. But a secret can be a prison, it can trap you, keep you small, and dim the bright spark that every little girl should be.

Growing up in an abusive, oppressive environment, and in a community where children were expected to be obedient and dutiful, Mymie waited for her wings to grow. Finally, when she was 16, she found comfort in her first love, but would this provide the lifeline she hoped for? Or would she be swapping one form of abuse for another?


“This is a book about resilience with hope at its heart. It’s a book in which the writer bravely removes her mask and finally lays her secrets bare, for all to see.”

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